Session 2016-17

Mukat conduct Dental Checkup

Mukat Public School conducted a Dental Checkup in collaboration with Dentists of Gian Sagar Hospital. The dental health care professionals examined the students of Preparatory Wing. In all 550 students got their dental checkup. The students were also gifted a set of tooth-brush and tooth paste by school.

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Graduation ceremony

4th march 2016 saw another farewell ceremony. 235 students of U.K.G received  graduation degrees to step forward for their  formal education. The graduation ceremony also included entertaining dance performances by the students of Nursery and L.K.G for their seniors. All student of U.K.G gladly received their degrees followed by vote of thanks by Samaira of U.K.G Maroon on Behalf of all.

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The valedictory ceremony of MPS for the sessions 2016-17 commenced with Sukhmani sahib Path to students of the outgoing class were dressed is decent attires. The day was followed by expressions of the outgoing students for school and a Ramp walk compeitition. Snehdeep singh bagged the title of Mr. Mukat 2016-17 and Diksha Alreja won the title of Ms. Mukat 2016-17.

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Class Function I

Save Environment: Save Planet earth it is the only one we have for ourselves and forthcoming generations to pass on the legacy to themselves the first standard kids presented a class function on this theme of saving environment. For parents the function constituted of melodious song, dance,  presentation spread the message of adopting small measures on daily basis for controlling pollution and making the planet a safer and greener place to live.

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Class Function II

Safety: 'Be late, than never' We only  understand this unless we face some trouble. The students of class II showcased their class function on safety first. No matter we are swimming or driving. Life is precious at every step. The students confidently presented a lecture on what safety measures one must adopt. The nukkad natak on road safety appealed audience motivating them to obey traffic rules and value life.

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Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day honours the date on which the constitution of india came into effect on 26 January 1950. The day was celebrated by the prep wing students where they were informed that it was India's 68th Republic. During  the assembly the students were made to sing the national anthem after unfurling the tricolor and distributing the paper flag to them.

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Lohri Celebration

Today festival of Lohri and Makarsakranti were celebrated with great pomp and show. The programme commenced with Lohri Poojan. Principal along with other prep teachers worshipped. Groundnuts, sweets and popcorns were distributed among the students. The students showcased their talents filled everyone with joy, thrill  and inspiration. The students and teachers sang songs immersed in rich cultural folk of punjab. Principal shared her views and gave blessings with a hope that the coming year would bring happiness in the lives of the students and teachers as well. She emphasized that Lohri festival prompts people to be thankful for god's provision and also encouraged teachers to play vital role to keep the traditions and cultures alive through festivals

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Field Day at School

Sports day also referred to as field day was thoroughly enjoyed by the students from class I to VI. The variety of races included races like Three Legged Races, Sack Races and so on. The annual sports meet for juniors provided  ample opportunity for healthy excitement and joy. The young students learnt to accept the victories and defeat with grace. Day 2 was followed by Annual Athletic meet for seniors from classes VII to XII. The set of races comprised of cycle Race, Lemon and Spoon  Race, Needle and thread Race, Relay Race and other simple races. Not only boys but girls  too turned out to be enthusiasts. The best athlete selected amongst boys was Baljeet Singh. The best athlete amongst girls was Avneet Kaur. The winning trophy for session 2016-17 was bagged by Gurcharan House.

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Christmas celebrations  began with a visit to the church by the tiny tots of Nursery class an 23rd December 2016. This was followed by the special assembly by U.k.G Class on the eve of Birthday of Jesus Christ. Cake Cutting ceremony was the main attraction of the day. Students enjoyed dancing and singing together on their favorite rhyme Jingle Bells. Mukat Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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The students of lower Kindergarten visited Gurydwara singh sabha in 23rd December 2016. The group of 200 students recited prayers, mool mantras and ardaas as conducted by head granthi ji. The students religiously followed everything including covering their heads while entering the temple premises. The children had a delightful spiritual experience.  All children returned happily after receiving chocolates as Prasad.

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Mukat Public School, Rajpura showcased another Annual Day for juniors. The cultural extravaganza with the theme Nanhe Kadam Unchi Udaan was well appreciated by its Chief Guest Mandeep Ahluwalia Pahwa, President Mukat Education Trust. An echoing round of applause was heard for the performances like Chhota Bheem and flexible Yoga masters.  Another wonderful performance of nursery class in the theme of event itself.This significant event in the 20th year of school was indeed the most remarkable event. The management felt contended and was all appreciated for it.

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Mukat public school celebrated its 20th annual day based  on the theme tribute to our founders. Prof prem singh chandu majra with all zeal and elation made his timely presence to grace the occasion as chief guest. Among the dignitaries present were management team and  parents.The principal Mrs. Gayatri Kaushal  formally welcomed the chief guest , eminent guests and audience.The cultural programme based on the theme tribute to our founders commenced with a melodious shabad followed by scintillating dance performances on save the girl child. The most heart throbbing performance was showcased by boys of class 7th on the tale of two biscuits. An exquisite performance was given by kids of class 5th giving each one a triumphant feeling of stepping into  21st year with dandiya and astonishing stunts.The cultural extravaganza was followed by prize distribution by the chief guest to the academically meritorious pupils of class 10th and 12th. The chief in his speech highly lauded the management, principal and staff for having groomed the students so well that they are associated to their roots and have global exposure. The program culminated with the national anthem.

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Mukat Public School, Rajpura celebrated its 20th year as "20 SAAL BEMISAAL" which included participation of entire school. Various art exhibiting competitions like Mehndi, Rangoli, Poster Making, Landscape of school, Face Painting, Logo Designing and other competitions like Turban Tying, Sohni Gut, No fuel Cooking were all that excited the students to participate. The prep wing tiny tots enjoyed the Laxmi Pooja and enjoyed watching the art of making Diyas by potter. The day ended with Nukar Natak Presentation with diverse social themes. The management and principal awarded the winners with mementoes and certificates. It was an overall delightful day for the students as they came with no bags.

Potential Testing Day

20 Saal Bemisaal celebration included variety of sports activities for the students of prep wing. The event included set of races like Frog race, Bag Pack race, Hurdle race and many more thoroughly enjoyed by participants. The winners were awarded by the Principal with mementoes.


Diwali Celebrations At Mukat

The festival of Diwali always infuses excitement in all. The celebrations at school were enjoyed by all prep wing students including goddess Laxmi Pooja and lighting candles in the corridors.  A potter was also invited to the school who taught children the art of making diyas of different shapes and size. The students  promised to celebrate  Eco-friendly Diwali.

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Mukat Public School, Rajpura which was once a tiny struggling institute established in 1996 celebrated its 1st Alumni meet in its 20th year. The ex- students were thrilled beyond pleasure to be the part of school again which looked no less than an empire, The students refreshed their old dusty memories with their timely presence. The management and Principal were proud at the assemblage and the evening was a wonderful one as students volunteered for musical performances and also unveiled some fun filled confessions.

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Dussehra celebration in prep wing

Dussehra symbolizes victory of good over evil. The students of primary wing celebrated dussehra and were enlightened about the significance of celebrating it. Teachers told the story of Ravana and acquainted them with the characters of Ramayana. Students were taught about good and evil, they burnt the effigy of Ravana.

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Mukat Public School is proud to welcome Bhavesh Gupta who was part of India's most watched Reality show Dance +2. Bhavesh was part of the troupe popularly called Bandits. The group "Bandits" received applauses for its electrifying performances and made it to top 8. The team made their school and their city Rajpura  proud.

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Visit to WaterPark

Fun filled outing was organised by Mukat Public School Rajpura for Primary Wing students at Dhillon Fun World, Devigarh road, Patiala. Students  enjoyed Water park, rides and Aqua disc etc. Children enjoyed the trip a lot and came back with happy memories which will stay with them always.

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Teacher's Day Special Assembly

Class XII students presented a special assembly on the occasion of Teacher's Day. They paid tribute to the teachers through poetry and speech. A hilarious skit was presented for entertainment pertaining to the theme. The western Dance and Punjabi Dance performance by girls stole the show.

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Teacher's Day 

The birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan gave teachers an opportunity for a day out. The faculty members of mukat enjoyed themselves in the bliss of nature at a Nature Camp, Solan. It was a day when participating in adventurous activities they realized, "Never let the child inside you die". The teachers enjoyed a delicious meal and gleefully returned back, all refreshed after outing.


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Class Function III

The function of class III was based on the theme of 'Happiness'. The cute kids danced joyfully and inspired all to be happy always. Happiness keeps us disease free and gives us long life such was conveyed by our tiny flexible yoga  Performers. The kids also inspired parents giving them a message "Stay Happy; Stay Optimistic".

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Janamashtmi Celebration 

The tiny tots of Prep wing celebrated janamashtmi in the school. Special assembly was prepared by the students of Nursery class. There were songs, dance and modelling prepared by the little ones. The little Krishna, Radha, Gopikas  and Gwalas looked adorable in their traditional costumes and the entire prep wing was transformed into land of joy, celebration and happiness.

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Rakhi Celebration 

Rakshabandhan is the festival of loving bond between brother and sister. Special assembly on Rakhshabandhan was performed  by the U.K.G class. Children participated in various activities like singing, dancing and poetry recitation. Rakhi making activity was also done in classes.

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Independence Day

70th  Independence day was celebrated by a special class assembly by the students of class XI and UKG. The celebration included a heart touching  group song, Wonderful dance performance, Slogans of freedom fighters, A play on 'A soldier never dies' followed by prize distribution to the toppers of class VIII, IX and XI for the session 2015-16. It included poetries, group song and a skit dedicated to our martyrs and freedom fighters like Neerja Bhanot.

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Class Function IV

Help the Needy-.  A Simple moral saying but a value to be imbibed forever. This theme was chosen by the students of class IV. The parents became part of this class function and thoroughly enjoyed the participation of their kids on stage. Another presentation of the class function included a message of 'stop child labour' and to educate every child to make our society prosperous. The parents applauded for this act performed by their children.


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Teej celebration

Teej was celebrated by the prep students on 5th August. Children enjoyed a lot on decorated swings. They relished kheer - Puras, Pakoras and other snacks sent by their mothers. Students were dressed up in beautiful multihued outfits.

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Rainy Day 

Rainy Day was celebrated in the school campus. Students brought their little umbrella and colored raincoats to enjoy the rain. Teachers made paper boats and enjoyed floating them in the rain water.

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Mukat Organises Mock UN  Training

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Legal Awareness Camp 

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Class Function V

Beti Bachao- The nation needs to ensure the survival and protection of the girl child and besides this it has also  become mandatory to educate them. Such was the theme of the class function presented by the students of 5th standard.

     The parents gladly applauded for all performances.

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Mukat Public School, Rajpura, celebrates a week full of interesting activities involving students of all wings. The week commenced with an essential moral duty for the students of class IX-X for tree plantation.The fruits of which will be savoured 20 years later.
To enhance the creativity of the students a poster-making competition was organised involving classes IX-XII. The next days of the week were followed by English elocution competitions based on burning current issues. The energy of the participants from class 6th to 12th was worth applauding. No less was the kindergarten set who charmingly came forward for poem recitation.

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Planet Earth- The entire performance inspired all to share the planet even with the speechless species. The short and sweet function motivated all to be kind and benevolent for our future  generations and use the resources wisely.

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Tour to Manali & Manikaran Sahib

MPS students were given the opportunity to participate in school tour during the summer vacation. This five days and four nights trip was organised for students of IX to XII std. In all 110 students participated in the trip and were accompanied by six staff members. The students visited the beautiful hill stations and participated in various trekking, character building & leadership activities. It was truly a memorable trip.

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 Mother’s Day

A beautiful bond of mother and child can’t be replaced by any other. Mukat celebrated this day along with prep wing mother’s with all pomp and show. The punctual mothers were given the honour of cake cutting. The most supportive and concerned mothers were nominated and selected through lottery and rewarded by the school authorities. A very informative workshop on good parenting was conducted by a Delhi based Counsellor Ms. Avneet Kaur. The entire celebration was thoroughly enjoyed by all mothers.


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 Career Counselling

A Workshop in visualising future for the students of classes XI -XII was conducted by psychologist Ms. Avneet Kaur. The objective of the workshop was to motivate the students towards their goals. The workshop included many involving activities for all students and left them all motivated. 

Investiture Ceremony

The students council of Mukat Public School for the session 2016-17 was judiciously related on the school completing its 2 glorious decades.The members were selected from all three wings of Mukat.


Student council 2016-17

Head Boy (XII.std.)


Head Girl (XII.std.)


Dy.Head Boy (X std.)

Akashdeep Singh

Dy.Head Girl (X std.)

Dhriti Jain

Head Boy (Jr.)(V std.)

Gurkaran Sui

Head Girl (Jr.)(V std.)

Bhoomi Kataria

Sports Captain (XII std.)

Sarabjeet Singh

Discipline Incharge (XII std.)

Bhavya Joshi & Muskan

Discipline Incharge (X std.)

Jaskanav Kaur & Jaskaran Kaur

Discipline Incharge ( VI std.)

Karanveer Singh & Ulvika

Discipline Incharge (V std.)

Mukul & Manseerat Kaur


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Baisakhi Celebration

The commencement of reaping crops begins on the day of Baisakhi. It is an important day for every farmer of Punjab.This day was celebrated with pomp and show with melodious songs and dance. The celebration also included a play based on brain- drain and drug addiction which is now very common in Punjab.


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Class VIII Function

India is a secular country and has always been in peace treaty with all countries. Such is the education Mukat imparts to its students, class VIII function depicted a marvellous dance performance paying tribute to every mother who was left childless.


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